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We Connect
We Connect

We point the way for Strategic Connections.


We provide expertise in connecting business owners with people, products, and services. We tailor client-specific strategies that build successful, long-term relationships. We connect producers to suppliers and marketers, communities and businesses to resources, and organizations to policymakers. Even though the world is at our digital fingertips, On Point Strategies specializes in providing the personal touch to building relationships backed by trusted experience and integrity.


Specific Services Include: Strategic Relationship Development, International Trade Development and Coordination, Domestic Market Development and Planning, Issue Management, Development of Strategies for Regulatory Compliance, Public Policy, and Corporate Communications.

We Solve
We Solve

We point the way to Strategic Solutions.


The On Point team can design a strategy to bring a product to market, overcome a regulatory burden, or conduct a successful policy agenda at the local, state, or national level. We help clients understand actions and reactions to decisions within the scope of the business or on broader public policy. To “solve” often means to correct a problem or errant policy. Solving also means seizing opportunity to strengthen market share and productivity. We relish the opportunity to provide all types of meaningful solutions for our client family.


Specific Services Include: Supply Chain Analytics & Business Intelligence, Sales, Inventory, & Operations Planning (SIOP), Financial Packaging and Analysis, Leadership and Management Training, Vendor/Manufacturer Selection (RFP/RFQ) & Management, Systems Selection & Integration (ERP, MRP, WMS, TMS, Etc.), Product Category Management, “The Working Genius” Training.

We Inspire
We Inspire

We point the way for Inspiration.


OPS team members have world class experience in corporate training, team building, and public speaking. Keynote, “How To” workshop, or group facilitation, we can tailor presentations that meet client expectations and inspire excellence from start to finish.


Specific Services Include: OPS Team Members are available on a fee plus travel basis for corporate outings, State, Regional, and National conventions. Inquire here about scheduling an OPS Team member for your next meeting.

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